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Now that we are up and running I figured we would need a chat thread. This is for basically anything from saying "Good Day" or to posting Chapter ideas and info.
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I would love to have a locker and atleast a lsd in the front but all of that would be useless if I don't get better tires 1st! For example.....

It doesn't look that bad but my tires aren't cleaning AT ALL but I eventually got out but just slid down into a worse spot

I finally gave in and called a big chevy :(
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I'm glad my truck is built like a tank! and also I hate Birmingham! Long story short I was at the galleria and I was slowly backing out and was about 1/2way out and my buddy yelled stop and a car tryed darting around me and she clipped my back bumper. No damage on my truck but she needs a new fender. She's lucky my hitch didn't get her! Our insurance companys will decide whose fault it was but she admitted she wasn't looking and she tryed to swarv when she saw me. O and then when I was leaving that, a van pulled out in front of me barley escaped meeting my front bumper. But on top of all this my clutch was slipping the whole day so I'm just bummed and tired! I'm going to bed!!! lol I hope yalls weekend was better!
Haven't been on in afew days but thought I'd share my days work. Got a friend with an early 99 f350 dually. He's always wanted stacks on his truck but when he got ready for an exhaust he just couldn't afford the full turbo back kit so he went with a regular 4" turbo back. He bought a used 7" aussie for $20 and ordered the elbow, adaptor and clamps from a local truck shop and we spend the day installing it. Getting the not so very old exhaust off was a task in itself. Took all day and for the most part its all done. The stack isn't centered but its not in the corner neither. Its not the best looking stack but for the money in it and the sound its deff worth it. I couldn't believe how much louder it was! Stacks are deff in my future!!
Wish I was in yall but can't make the trip. Hope yall have a good time.
Redneckabbott, your welcome to ride up with me Saturday. The truck is an extended cab and I have a buddy riding up, but if you don't mine riding in the extra cab, you're more than welcome. Just meet me somewhere and load up.
I appreciate the offer but if the rain holds off saturday I'll be helping my neighbor clear brush
Its always a good day when I get to pull somebody and I got to pull 2 ppl today lol. Nobody has ideas yet on a g2g?
Im all fresh, new oil, oil filter and fuel filters. Happy day for the truck.
Same here :thumb:
Just saw this. I don't have any plans for the weekend yet but might check this out.
Saturday, October 17, 2009
Anything That Rolls Show -- Cullman County Fairgrounds, 9AM-2PM. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Tractors. T-Shirts, Dash Plaques, Door Prizes, Awards, and afternoon concert admittance for entries. Come enjoy the live music, food, fun & more -- Then stay for the following afternoon concert. All proceeds go to the destinychurch building fund
Just letting yall know about another event. Off Road Tuscaloosa is having monster trucks, quad wars, mud bog and the mud trucks will be on display. The racing season is over so do things like this to make money. It'll be halloween day and the day after
Well I think I finally figured out why my NEW clutch is slipping. I sent beans an email telling him the situation and he said more then likely my truck isn't making enough power to break the clutch in. I have "to much clutch for my hp". They guy that did the install is certified installer and distributor of southbend, or atleast he was. They don't have him listed on their site anymore, reason why I talked to beans. Make me wonder.....hmmmm
Can't afford to do anything about it right now but more than likely going into air force so it won't be getting drove anyways so I won't have to worry about i for awhile. It really makes driving suck though when I have to do atleast 65mph cause thats mainly when it slips and I'm going to the Kiss concert tonite so I guess I'll be avoiding I65
Morning has done started off bad! Got woke up by my mom saying something about a break in so I jumped up and found out all of our vehicles had been gone through. It not all bad though cause I found a pair of Oakleys on the ground and nothing is missing that I can think of. My cousin next door is the only person that had anything stole and it was just a gps. Never had anything like this happen before! What really sucks is I was probably awake when it was happening lol
I was set on a mud tire but I got a great deal on my nitto's and I guess overall I'm happy with them but I find myself locking in my hubs more often than I think I should. They just dont clean like they need to but they did impress me last weekend.
Daryl - you can just drop it off to me while you are gone and I'll be sure the clutch is seated before you get back.
lol aight, looks like its gonna be the army for my though
I hope trying to figure out what to do in life is actually harder than living it! Everyone I know in the army has pretty much talked me out of that because of all the false promises they were given. I only had it in mind because its a gurenteed job and free college. My parents don't like the idea either and said they'd do whatever it takes to get me through college....SO now I'm looking at Bevill, Lawson Tech, or Nasvhille Auto Diesel and doing some blasting and painting here for money.
O and have yall heard about BINGO being shut down here in Walker Co? The county was overrun with these slot machines, it was redicoulus! That's 3,000 more ppl out of a job though which I hate for them but this county is SCREWED!
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