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Now that we are up and running I figured we would need a chat thread. This is for basically anything from saying "Good Day" or to posting Chapter ideas and info.
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Sounds fine to me. I see I got the Historian vote. I'll try to do a good job. I must admit a possible violation though. The ol girl has been rolling a little more coal than usual. I haven't been really trying but I looked back and she was kinda fogging a little when I leaned on her. I guess those 3 cans of injection cleaner helped.
I'm around, just kinda hate we can't get 5 people together on the same day, same time, same place. I actually think it would be easier to get a meet together at a dentist's office. Plus, I've been busy trying to fix the cheap tractor I bought, get ready for a yard sale, prep our bedroom for a repaint of a border and the trim. I also need to order some spark plugs fro the Lightning and install them. My plate looks like an all everyone else could eat buffet. I've had gauges for 2-3 months for the diesel and still haven't put them in.
Sorry, it's a 77 Kabota grey market tractor. It's a 3 cylinder diesel around 18-23 hp. She's 2wd with a 3 point hitch. I'm not bright on these things and I didn't pay but $1000 for it and the 4' boxblade. I then sunk another $900 getting the injection pump reworked in Birmingham. My cheap toy is getting pretty needy. I've changed the oil/filter and air filter and now have changed the hydraulic fliud twice. Once on purpose, the second time when a bolt come through the side of the transmission. I've had it welded up but it still has a pinhole just big enough to drip. I and my buddies pretty much agree it was probably in there for years and I finally found it. The bolt was painted blue so it shouldn't have been in the trans. I plan on some putty of some type and see if that will seal it up. The only green one I have is a John Deere L120 riding lawnmower. Hey, the Kabota needs a paint job, it could become green.
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I think the only obvious differences are the pto is always live, no seat belts, and the tires have bigger treads to cut down into the rice patty mud. Those tires will beat you to death on asphalt. My exhaust goes down and under the tractor. The thing is geared to move a house almost. It has 4 forward with hi/low, and the pto seems to have 3 speeds with it. I'm not sure how well it works. I haven't had a bushhog behind it. I was told it's only big enough for a 4' one.
The little I've gotten to play with her, I like. She needs a ton more weight on the front and back but could be pretty useful after that. I'm pretty curious about the bushhog being hooked to her too, and the ability to turn it.
I may, that's a little far off for me to plan much. I definitely don't camp, so a hotel will be involved. I'll have to see what that cost. We went to working 5 days for a month backed to 4 days for several more. I will probably wait a little closer to call it. What is the exact date in Sept., the 18 is on a Friday. I might just do a drive up early that morning and drive back late that evening to save the hotel bill, if it's on the 19 [sat]. I'll try my best, is about the best answer I can give you.
I put a couple of cups of corn out myself. We have a doe with a little fawn kinda hanging around. Can't shoot it in the city limits anyway.
I need to find that place. I paid close to $10 for a 40lb bag.
It may have been a 50lb bag, I'm just guessing without looking at it. I figured Wally Word is usually the cheapest so I got it there. I've noticed I'm feeding black crows, squirrels, and other birds. I'm assuming Bambi is still around. She better show her face if I'm going to feed her too.
Spill it. I got enough stuff to fix. lol Eh It probably won't matter anyway if I haven't noticed it by now. Between the honey do list, trying to do some fix it up around the house, catch up on vehicle maintenance, I'm starting to get buried. Changing production plants at work is not on my favorites list either. Both plants are in the same area and complex but completely different in cultures.
Yea, I see it now. I think I just screwed it up worse. Oh well I fix it later or make it awful.
While I don't think you will run into this problem, if you put a stretch mark in the plastic[looks like a lighter spot or streak] it's easily fixed. Just take the cigarette lighter and shove it in. When she pops out run it over the stretched area [heat gun will work too but not sure of the amount of heat you need from it] it may take a couple of passes but get it as close as you can without touching it and it will erase the mark. Error on the side of caution though as I only done it once or twice, you might have one of Ford's blowtorches in the dash, that would be my luck anyway.
Well, I guess Saturday is still go. I still have to get a gauge pod setup. I thought I had one, at least until it didn't fit because of the way my rear view mirror is. So I trimmed it down to fit and now I created junk. So much for that $60. Time to just get a pillar pod and call it done. Looks like Diesel Manor has a similar pod. I'll have to see who makes their pod. It looks similar in design but the gauges are turned toward the driver unlike my junk. I'm still planning on making the Saturday run. When are the rest of you guys leaving?
You would be correct Alabamafrog. i was suppose to remove the mirror and position it down some. I found that out talking to the guy at Diesel Manor while ago. That little fact was nowhere in the instructions or mentioned when I bought it from Seco Performance. I tried to buy something locally and it bit me. I'm going to try and remove the mirror before I order another one from Diesel Manor. How well can you see out of your mirror now that it was moved?
Hey, thanks for the pics. I ordered one from Diesel Manor. The one I had would have worked just fine if I had known to relocate the mirror. Won't fit anything now thanks to my cutting it up. I like the new one better anyway since it kinda angles the gauges toward the driver. The pod should be here Friday with some paint. I just didn't want to loose the grab handle or have to drill holes it the a pillar. I bought another pillar for the Lightning to drill on for the gauges in it. The Lightning sits low enough a grab handle is useless, the Superduty is high enough the wife could use it if she ever drove it. Plus I'm starting to feel older than I use to. I remember crawling under houses and jumping around with no problems. I came home from work and sat down for an hour or so. I went to get up and it took me 10' to straighten up.
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I figured that. My speedo isnt even accurate and I have stock size tires
You can tell me that, but don't even waste your breath on the state trooper. I remember a few years ago how a car mag would post their test results on new car speedometers. Most every one I remember was high by 1-2 miles per hour at 60[60 on the dash was really 58]. I even remember one car was close to 5 mph off at 70.
I couldn't imagine trying to keep a business afloat and nursing a broken/bad foot. It was all I could take with both knees being scoped within a week of each other. Gout almost crippled me for a while there.
Just in case I can't find you guys Saturday, can one of you pm me a phone # to get a hold of you guys. I have the park address in the gps but I still won't know where you all will be in the park. I couldn't open the file with the contact info so I'm out of luck.
I got your email but I couldn't open tha attachment. My wife was going to try for me at work since she has the correct program, but she's seems to have forgotten. This computer doesn't have the app to open it.
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