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Dixie Strokers Chat Thread

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Now that we are up and running I figured we would need a chat thread. This is for basically anything from saying "Good Day" or to posting Chapter ideas and info.
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This chapter still active?
Demopolis al

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I had some friends (the Myers) in demop. They used to work at the subway there. They were twins. Quite cute too.

~ The Maddawg
Too bad that was 'had'. I could have used subway today.
OOOO ones a bama fan....sad....Long Live the BellClangers!
There ain't an orange and blue that matters. It's all about the maroon and white!

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I loved the iron bowl last year. Perfect!

And everyone in Alabama is scared of the Mississippi teams this year....The two most experienced in the SEC

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I just bought a set of Falkens. They started with AT this year and I love them. Plus they come with a 50k mile Warranty!!!! Are you 2 or 4 wheel drive?
275/60R20 I dont really have a problem like that, but I got a limited slip
Oh yea you can't see my sig on the app....sorry. stock wheels 07 350 ccsb srw

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Pics tomorrow

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I see its a King Ranch too from your info......very nice.
How come you don't like Goodyear maddawg? Ive never had any experience with them other than the HMMWVs the military uses.
I have awhile left on the Terra Grapplers and they have been great tires. Ive got about 37k on them I think and they have worn extremely evenly just keeping them at full pressure and occasionally rotating. Lots and lots of road trips and light 5k ish towing. Great in the rain and even the great Alabama snow storm of 2014 hahaha

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Nothing against good year except price and no warranty on larger tires.

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Here is some more pics of truck

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Hahaha that was a lot of fun and nobody knows how to drive in the snow / ice. I just put er in 4hi and eased on down the road at 1000rpm. Wheels start slippin.....let off the throttle.
I like the Firestones too the Transforce seems to be a great tire.
If i go up to the 18in wheels i could get the terra again but if i stay at my 16s then I dunno because I kinda want taller and skinnier tires and the terra doesnt come in the size I would want.

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I almost got stuck going up a hill during that, then I just put her in 4hi gunned it and came on up. I was in BHAM so you know from the news the idiots we had. I carried two women home who thought it would be a great idea to go get groceries in it......A caddy just isnt made for the snow I told em. Id like to have that again this year....that was FUN....and I got muh new tires!
Nice color combo! I cant tell from my cell phone but is it blue green or black?

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Black. PS I HATE the King Ranch seats
No. It's the river a boat and some beer for me!

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I dont have fb or instagram....But seriously were so spread out on here, that may be why
Boligee AL
North of Demopolis, however, I know you have google maps
I know Helena very well, and their jerk police force....I just moved from Mc Calla.
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