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Dixie Strokers Chat Thread

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Now that we are up and running I figured we would need a chat thread. This is for basically anything from saying "Good Day" or to posting Chapter ideas and info.
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Alright, now we need to build up membership and plan a good get together. I hope that eventually we will turn this into something like a family and we can help each other when needed and have lots of fun doing it.
How about ideas for a joint Tennessee and Alabama chapters get together,

What kinda activities do we want?
Family activities, State park/ Campground, Lake/River, Mountains, diesel shop/dyno, drag strip/ sled pull

Seems like for a lot of us money is a bit of an issue so we may want to keep it cheap as possible so that more can come.

I figure if we can throw out a lot of different ideas then decide what we want to do then we can decide where and when.

So let’s start throwing ideas out;
I'll start a new thread about this so we can keep it all in one place and not clutter up our chat thread
Here is the thread;
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I haven’t figured it out yet, first things that came to mind were a Detroit locker and a junkyard swap for a limited slip. I got to do more research and figure out my options. That’s the main reason I posted about it, to get feedback on different options and things to watch out for.
I’m still kinda sad about the carnage in my rear-end
Small patch of moderate rain on the drive home this evening but right now the sun is shining on the wet yard.
I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to even look at the rear-end yet. I hate to get all greasy if I can’t get more than a couple hours with it.
I finally got started on it tonight, the pinion feels okay on the broken one, not loose, the carrier bearings also feel good. There is some pitting on the teeth but the only thing really wrong is the broken teeth. The “new” one is in decent shape, a little worn but okay looking and it appears to have all its teeth.
Here is where I quit tonight;

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Stopped by and picked up the lube for my rear this evening, $70!
I needed lube for my other rear after that.
Had a productive day Yesterday, got the rear-end installed and working, used the backhoe tractor to tear down a beaver dam then hauled it about 80 miles and used it to load up 2 broken antique tractors my buddy bought, hauled them to his house then went back to get my backhoe tractor and found lots of treasure in the woods so we loaded all of that up and hauled it back home too. I really stress tested the new rear pretty good with no problems.
Looks like it works like it is supposed to, on dirt it spins both wheels but on dry pavement it will still smoke the right one, but the left one pushes the truck pretty hard while its doing it. So far a lot better than what I had before but I haven’t had much time to try it without a trailer yet.
The required 75w-140 full synthetic is about $18 a quart and it holds 3.25 quarts, the front takes a different weight than the rear. I have changed my front and rear and T-case and tranny fluid several times. I even changed the power steering fluid. I believe in maintenance but just my luck I still have had the rear-end, engine, tranny, and several other parts fail and have to be rebuilt/replaced. I’ve had several gassers last longer than this diesel has and require far less and cheaper maintenance.
Our chapter has been much slower to take off than yours, hopefully more Bama folks will join in eventually.
Tractor, what kinda tractor, me likes tractors, especially green ones.
Aint nothin wrong with Kabota orange, them Japs make some good stuff. Heck my 2000 John Deere 4700 has a Yanmar engine and is basically a green Jap tractor but I still love that thing. I haven’t seen a grey market tractor in person yet, I saw a bunch on the net when I was looking for mine, I’m not sure about them but for that price I would have jumped on it too.
Nope, haven't been to Lake Martin yet
Sounds like the beginnings of another GTG!!!!!!
I guess we need to put this one on our calendar of events, never hurts to start planning early.
Well not really better here;
We were going to a tractor show and about 3 miles from the show and about 60 miles from the house my buddies 01 250 shut down on him. Needless to say we didn’t make the tractor show and about 17 hours later I finally made it home. I had to tow my tractor home, come back and get his tractor, then go get a big trailer and go back and get his truck. We also tried several roadside “fixes” but none worked.

Check out this post
Okay Frog, When did you become my hero>????:rofl::hehe: and Tracys hero:rofl:
:dunno:Its awful nice of yall to say so though.
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