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Dixie Strokers Chat Thread

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Now that we are up and running I figured we would need a chat thread. This is for basically anything from saying "Good Day" or to posting Chapter ideas and info.
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Hey all! Looking to join up. What's required?
Yah.... I guess the group is dead.
I believe you nailed it with "Looking to join up" lol

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Btw, nice obs dude. Looks sweet
Naw, we aint dead, just laid back and relaxing. There are several of us that check in almost everyday and several more that check in weekly or monthly. Seems like most Alabama Powerstroke owning diesel folks work too much, but they will be there for you if you need them.
Ah! Hello! Good to hear! I'd love to join up. What's required? Do I just buy the sticker and do my best to make some meets?
Btw, I'm in prattville so if any members are close, I love working on trucks! If you need a hand with something and you're close hit me up!
She is still in the shop getting fixed, apparently they are having issues getting all the custom parts like the fender flares and the rear leaf spring. They got the 2 new Mickey Thompson rims in the other day and I took them and the two rims off the other side and got 4 new Mickey T Baja MTZ's in 37 x 12.5 x 17s, They allowed me $1G for the two tires that got smashed and my buddy got me a deal on the 4 new ones for $1,700. I hope to get her back by the end of the week but I’m willing to bet the leaf spring they ordered will be wrong and it will be another week or so. I shore do miss ******!
I got my new cargo trailer in last week, still waiting on the insurance co to reimburse me for it.

I reckon we aint real official around here, best I can tell all you got to do is say you want in and then keep checking in on the chat thread as much as you can. We been slacking on the GTGs too. I hope to have a big gun shoot cook out and truck day at my new place in Arab this spring.
I hate dealing with insurance! I had a tire come apart and do $3800 to my truck. The started hollering that it was too close to total value.... I finally got it fixed and got some cool bush whackers outta the deal! Volvo had to fix the exhaust and they welded a 3.5in pipe inside my 4.5in and stuck a 3.5 tip on it. Uh uh! No go! Got to take it back and have it fixed!

Good luck on it! Sorry about the truck!

Well, I'll go over to the introductions and introduce myself formally.
Late 99. Love her to death but she is a maintenance nightmare right now! Lol
Gonna pull the ebpv tube today and clean it. Any tips/tricks I need to know? Also dropping the tank. Any special mods?
As far as mixing chamber, I've removed the precleaners cause the were blocked. Is that all?

And a noobie question: how do I do the harpoon?
Ok thanks! I see the pics now. I was on my blackberry earlier and they weren't coming up.

Sounds good! Thanks for the info guys!
Ok, just to make sureim doing this right. The ebpv tube was rusted in half.

Figures. So, I rolled the exhaust manifold end like so...

Now I just hook the two pieces back up. I have already unplugged the sensor at the turbo because the valve was sticking.

What about the sensor on the tube? Plug it back on?
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Ok got it all done. I have a working fuel gauge again! Lol

Ok, so I was having all the signs of a blocked ebpv turbo/sensor. I did as you said to do if the tube cracked. As I said it was rusted through... Only thing is, I capped it off, plugged the sensor back in and have the sensor unplugged at the turbo. It still shudders at 45-55 mph (1400-1800 rpms). What is up? Injectors? Am I doing something wrong with the ebpv?
G'day! Y'all didn't float away with all this rain did you? Hope y'all weathered it all out ok!
Oh wow! That is a horrible job! I thought they did bad with mine having it 3 weeks!
Dumb question.... Those look like real bullet holes not stickers..... Are they?
He did a great job if they are!
That's probably the first time that a stupid mistake made when under the influence ever turned out right!!!! :hehe:
Hey all! Any g2g going on in Montgomery area?
I don't have any ideas but I would love to come shoot when it's all done!
Here's my set up... It's also my carry holster too....

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