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So after having my 4R100 completely rebuilt to complete billet specs I have been able to put down alot more of the power within Jody's 120HP setting on his F5 chip. Last night the woman and I were out to dinner and we took my rig for once and after leaving the food joint I kinda got into it around a turn and into a straight away. Well I've noticed more and more lately that I've began to hear more "turbo bark" sounds but last night I started to hear what sounds like a distorted airflow/almost hissing between 45 and 65mph (highway speeds) when I gradually put my foot back into the throttle.

I have no DTC codes, no loss of boost, EGT's are well within their normal operating parameters and no real noticable loss of power. Everything seems normal except for that damned sound.

My thoughts when I got home were to check my turbo piping/innercooler lines & airfilter (which needed cleaning). I tightened all of the couplers that I could manage to reach and they seemed to tighten a little bit but not a whole lot.

My thought diagnosis wise would more than likely be either......

1) Waste gate took a dump

2) Torn coupler that I cannot see


3) Blown head gasket (though HIGHLY doubtful with the amount of miles on my rig and I'm very gentle normally).

Truck basics:

2001 F250 7.3L PSD, 4R100, 117K miles, complete AMSOIL synthetic fluids since 108K, Airaid intake, Silverline 4" turboback exhaust system, DP F5 chip & lifted 6.5" on 37"s.

Still blowing the normal black smoke. No leaks. No surging.
Like I said the only time I notice the sound is at highway speeds between 45 and 65mph when I accelerate from low RPM through higher RPM fairly quickly.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
I'm thinking if it is indeed my turbo I'd more than likely just drop in a Garrett 88mm BB and call it good.

Thanks in advance


Other vehicle is an F250
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