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Does anyone with a 6.0 notice a need to advance injection timing or other adjustments when they start using heavy biodiesel blends (B50 - B100)? With fewer BTUs available with bio I was thinking a little more timing might help the power and let the engine run a little hotter to avoid damage to injectors. Someone tell me if I'm off base with this. :dunno:
I currently put about 6 to 7 gallons of No. 2 in my tank and top it off with biodiesel and Dieselkleen additive.
Also, this may belong in another forum, but I've been noticing that intermittantly my truck acts like it doesn't quite "catch" and rev up as well when I get out of work and first start it. This seems to happen when it is hotter out in the afternoon. For some reason it doesn't seem to happen in the morning when it is cool outside. It's almost as if the truck had a cold start advance that isn't working when the ambient air temperature is warmer (if these engines even have something like that). Otherwise the truck runs like a top.:thumb:
P.S. - Had my biodiesel tested by an independent lab and it passed ASTM D6584 :thumb: (Couldn't afford the $1200 seller's test)
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