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Early 08 f250 DPF, Egr cooler, Intake elbow deletes, Mishi Radiator, BPD Oil cooler, Spartan Tuned since 2013 - 298k miles currently.

Was sitting at a drive through and it shut off like I had turned the key and would not crank after that here are a list of what I have done.

1: Checked fuses, reset fuel shut off on passenger side
2: Tried to jump start with the bypass wire behind pass side battery ( no crank )
3: Loaded a new tune - no effect
4: Scanned for codes with a big scan tool came up empty. ( nothing that was not already there )
5: Checked that lift pump ( under driver door) is working and it is along with all dash lights gauges etc.
6: Anti-theft is NOT flashing like it is active.
7: Solenoid is clicking in passenger side fuse panel when key is turned.

So what else can cause a no crank issue from what I have seen an EGT sensor is most common but since I am deleted it doesn't seem to be that and there is only the EGTRA sensor left, also if it was emissions related the jumper wire should have started the truck right?

Spartan Dashdak shows 0 fuel pressure (FRP) when cycling the key and I cannot remember if it normally shows anything from the low press pump when cycling or if this is just pressure after the HPFP. Anybody with one who could check I would appreciate it.

Could the chip in the key have died / fried but not throw a code? Im currently at a loss.
Any ideas on what would shut the fuel off while running and keep it from cranking I would appreciate it!

Hopefully soon I can get it pulled in somewhere and try to get it to start from crossing the starter itself as it is 18 deg where I am currently

Thank You
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