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So my truck has ~86000mi on it and the Ford engine warranty expires in Aug. I have a small oil leak, drips off the pan and bellhousing, I figure I better get it in before the warranty expires. I call my local Ford dealer on Sat 5-31 and make an appointment for Mon 6-2 @ 8:30am. I dropped the truck off Sat night. Tuesday afternoon I call the service writer to find out what is going on and she says they are replacing the bedplate seal, and they were waiting on some other seals needed to put it back together. Says it will be done Wed afternoon. Wed @ 4:30pm she gives me a call and says that the starter broke while re-installing and they don't have another. Says the truck will be done Thur morning. She called again this morning (Thur) and said the truck was done. I go down, pay my $106.00 and leave with the truck.

On the way home I try to turn on the air and find out my blower no longer works. When I get home I popped the hood and found.
1. A plug that connects to the AC condenser is unplugged and there is a jumper wire hooked in it. I reconnected that. Still no fan.
2. My power steering reservoir is unattached and just flopping around. I slide it back into it's bracket, but it's missing a plastic retainer pin.

I call the service writer and she says bring the truck back. I go back and as I'm pulling in to the parking lot I hear a new clunking sound in the front. The service writer has the tech come out and look at the truck with us. I hand him the jumper wire and he says "Thanks". I tell him about the blower and he says "I didn't touch that". I tell him about the steering reservoir and he says "I didn't touch that". The service writer has him go get a retaining pin for the steering, while I tell her I would like for him to take a ride to hear this new clunking sound. We go for a ride and as I'm taking a hard left in the lot we hear the sound. He says "That's your hub going out" I tell him "Bet you didn't touch that either?". "No". We pull the truck around to the bay and he starts checking fuses for the blower. Found one out and replaced it. Now the blower works.

So here I sit Thursday evening still without a truck. Have to go back tomorrow and shell out another $100 to pay for the hub (extended warranty).

Hopefully there won't be three more things broken "He didn't touch"

End rant.:mad:
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