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Daytona Beach exhaust 6.4 Flo-Pro

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Local sale only.

5" SS Flo-Pro Exhaust with no muffler with a black MBRP 6" tip

Want $225

Its the MBRP black tip. Could use a fresh coat of black spray paint on the tip. Also I had sprayed the last section black so you wouldn't see it from behind the truck.

Its sitting at my parents house in Daytona Beach.

Reason for selling is my dad bought my truck and doesn't care to have it on there and it won't fit on my 6.7 dually.

It was on the truck for approximately 25,000 miles.

PM me

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It is a stainless system, right? Have any pics of it off the truck? I'm very interested. I'm in Ocala, but in Daytona often on weekends.

It should be the SS system according to my older posts but I can't remember for sure.

I called my parents and they said after church tomorrow they will text me over some pics and I'll post them up for you.

Its dirty but is a sound system. I am pretty sure there are no dents and none of the hangers are bent. Also included but not pictured is the piece of pipe for if you have a long bed truck.
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I had a few requests to ship it and I really can't. Sorry.
Bumping it up to the top
Back on up
Sold to cobrachris
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