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Here is a write up to install a Dominator 66 from Beans, stock turbo or any other type of modified stock turbo that retains the stock mounting hardware.

Before doing anything I highly suggest spraying all bolts down with plenty of PB blaster a day or two before

In this write up I installed a D66

Started out with this, it would look different if you have no IC.

Next up I removed The intake, Downpipe and intercooler pipes, if you have no IC then just remove the stock y pipe.

Next up is to unplug the EBPV wiring harness on the pedistal

Now if you can remove the EBPV from the exhaust housing first, it is held on by 3 8mm 12 point bolts, one is hard to locate on the back, you can get to it with a swivel/ratchet wrench. and the others with a 12 point socket. I couldnt get mine off cuase they were too stuck on so I took it off after, it does make getting to pedistal bolts a little more tricky.

Now youll have to disconnect the rod on the pedistal from the valve before pulling it off the turbo, its on the bottom, just slide the collar off and pull it down and off the valve

Valve removed

Then its time to start takin off bolts, First are the top two collector bolts, They are 13mm and I used a socket with a long extension to get those off.

Then remove the two lower collector nuts. For these I used a swivel/ratcheting wrench, thats what worked out the best and I highly recommend that.

Then I removed the two font pedistal bolts which you can see easily, one is in the picture with the EBPV wiring harness. They are 10mm bolts, to remove the front two I used sockets with extensions and a swivel socket for the drivers side one and a regular socket for the other.

Now for the tricky part, removing the two rear pedistal bolts, one is located below the EBPV on the exhaust housing the only thing you can get it off with is a 10mm wrench becuase the up pipe was right next to it so I couldnt use anything that would wrap around the bolt.

Now for the drivers side bolt you have to wrap your hand around behind the up pipe and firewall, youll be able to feel it back there, and I used a swivel/ratchet wrench to get it loose, now dont use it to remove the bolt completely as it will get cuaght on the up pipe and you wont be able to get the wrench off. to get it out the rest of the way use a 10mm swivel socket that you can get in from the front and remove it the rest of the way.

Here is a picture with the turbo out, you can see on the back of the valley the oil feed lines and the two threads for the pedistal bolts back there. Remember to replace the two o rings for the oil feed holes on the valley before putting the turbo back on.

and turbo removed (valve is on here)

Next up I removed the turbo from the pedistal, be sure to remove the bracket on the turbo that holds the EBPV wiring harness first.

Then remove the four bolts on the bottom of the pedistal that hold the pedistal on and pull the turbo off.

Remember when putting the new turbo on to replace the two o rings on the pedistal as well

Comparison of stocker and D66, not much difference on the outside

Next up put the new turbo on the pedistal, be sure the o rings stay seated when you put it on and tighten down the bolts, leave the valve off even though its on in these pictures, it was much easier to install the turbo with it off first so I had pulled it back off.

Now its time to redo everything, when you put the o rings on for the ones on the valley I used some grease to hold them on so they wouldn't come unseated when I put the new turbo in. It takes a little bit to line it up. I put the passenger side pedistal bolt in when I put the turbo in and got it started, then I reached around and got the drivers side slid in and started and then did the two front.

Then I put all the collector bolts in.

Here it is all bolted up

After that hook everything else up and your good to go.

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