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Cruise control is not working at all now... it has been off and on for a few months now. Vehicle is a '97 F350 crew cab 7.3L stock with banks guage cluster, air bags, exhaust brake, and TS Performance 6 position chip.... loses power at higher RPM's and eventually stalls.... if I kill it in neutral and coast for a minute, it buys me time... then restart and throw back into drive! This actually works... alternatively you pull over and let it sit for a minute before you start it back up again.... The problem occurs usually at around 60 mph or higher and RPM's of around 2500 or so... Boost falls off on the guage and engine sputters as if it is a loss of fuel... the fall off continues and the vehicle loses all power until you pull over.

I bought it used with 94k miles.. loss of cruise control seems to be in sync with the problem... when I'm having this problem more often, the cruise control doesn't work at all... first had the CPS replaced by Ford... didn't fix it.... then I changed the oil which seemed to fix the problem for a month or so... then replaced the fuel filter and air filter... Problem eventually came back and cruise control loss started to manifest..... and then the vacuum pump finally exploded... pulley went loose and tilted down a good bit and the pump exploded out the back... I replaced the vacuum pump and pulleys which seemed to fix the problem for about a month or so.... and now it's back.

I think that the vacuum system is involved here... It seems that a loss of fuel delivery is taking place.... initially I thought that the issue was the CPS.... the symptoms are very similar to the problems I've had with my 2003 7.3L Excursion, but I had it replaced... I'm seeing comments that the replacement CPS units are not all they are cracked up to be.... perhaps I should look at getting another replacement and putting it in myself?

What else should I look at?

Please help me figure this out... it's starting to become an issue with getting to work on time!

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