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Crappy week... anyone have an air filter?

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So took my 01 7.3 on a road trip to go to my cousins graduation. I made the trip up (about 250 miles) and when i got there my truck stopped running... I determined the transmition was the problem. I had it towed to transmition shop and everything was toasted.... So i had them completely rebuild it ended up about $3200 parts n labor. The truck was done two days later and I drained my bank account to get it.. Every cent gone. Pluss 700 dollars in debt to my friend.... anyway down to the current issue three days after i get back home someone had the nurve to steal my Grille and my entire STOCK air intake system for some god forsaken reason.... both were stock and i have no clue why they would want my air system but whatever... i got a new hose that clamps to it from my buddy but does anyone have an intake system or even a used 6637 air filter haha i am broke as **** and i dont want to run the truck without at least a filter... Worst of it all im out of work for anouther month and my truck is my only vehicle.... I guess i just wanted to let everyone know that my week has gone to ****... but yea have a good day guys
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Gonna go buy a 6637 for my '00 today - if everyone else falls thru, let me know and I'll send you the stock stuff from my truck. It has a K&N in it (was in it when I bought it, unfortunately), but its a start.
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