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To my vast more knowledgeable PS friends. I need so big help. I have an E99 F350, 7.3L. The other day It started fine and just died in the drive way. I threw the code reader on it (Auto Ingenuity) and pulled P1212 & P1670. I tried to pull the codes a second time to confirm and the scanner could not communicate with the truck. I checked the ICP sensor and found the connector full of oil. I replace the sensor. Truck still would not start. I replaced the CPS and tried again. NOGO. I then tried the scanner again and it pulled a P1283 code. Tried to pull the codes one more time and it could not communicate again. I replaced the IPR because that is the only thing else I could think of. does any one have any ideas what route I should be heading in. BTW I have not done any mods to this truck. It is my daily driver. Thanks in advance guys.
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