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Aloha Power Stroke peeps!
Picked up a 2000 F350 Super Duty Lariat 4x4 recently. Will be posting several question over the next few weeks on some repairs. However most time sensitive right now is:
I have a free source of 150gal per month of Golden Chef cotton seed oil with dimethylpolysiloxane. It's used for potato chip manufacturing and thus is very clean. They strain it through a sock filter back into the oem containers roughly every 6 weeks. It's stored inside until it's picked up.
My concern is I took a sample home and it's smoke point was ~300deg with moderate water evap on the hot pan test. Do you guys have any insight on if this oil is worth using? New cottonseed oil should have a smoke point ~450deg. 6 weeks seems like a long time for cycling. And mostly the amount of water was a bit concerning. I can make a vid of the hot pan test.
Hawaii is warm, I have plenty of space to filter and store, I calculated a ROI on a $6k build to be ~1yr. Veggiestroke v4 and a centrifuge. I also planned on converting a diesel boat this winter if the truck conversion goes good. Can you guys share any insight on the oil? Thanks
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