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Help / Broken Down / Costa Mesa / Newport Beach / Fuel Delivery Problem

Help / Urgent / Emergency / Broken Down

Help / Broken Down / Costa Mesa / Newport Beach / Fuel Delivery Problem

Hi. I live full time on the road in a 2001 Ford 7.3L E450 Diesel Powerstroke El Dorado bus 24 foot long. I am broken down on the streets and I am at constant risk of being ticketed by the parking patrol cops. The engine cranks over, the fuel pump hums, but no fire, no combustion. Fuel delivery problem. The engine sometimes would idle rough, sometimes stall and die when parked, when idling at traffic light, and was running rough before it died. One day I turned it off before it was wanting to stall and die and then it's never started up since then. I bought 2 new strong batteries, so electrical system is good, since the batteries tested bad from before. I'm going to test the fuel pump volume of fuel and quality of fuel. I can't reach the fuel filter since it's buried way deep under stuff, under the dog house area under the dashboard area, very hard to access a lot of stuff in this engine compartment. Very tight restricted area. I can do basic mechanics, but this is challenging for me while problem down on the streets and with the constant threat of people calling the police on me and getting more tickets. Can't afford any more tickets for being stuck on the street. I'm trying to solve the problem by myself since I cannot afford a mechanic or a shop. However, it's taking me a long time. I've been broken down over a month. I have a couple of people who have towed me up and down the street to keep moving in hopes of avoiding any more tickets.

Is there anyone near my area who would be willing to take a look at my vehicle and help me pin point the problem?

I am ordering Torque Pro and the smartphone blue tooth device. Urgent. Need help asap. I'm looking for someone local who might be able to drop by and check things out for a few minutes. I can't afford to pay anyone, but I am a social media guy and I could definitely give you a shoutout and refer people in the future. I can at least buy you an affordable coffee, donuts and/or lunch or some gas money, if you can help me get to the bottom of this fast.

I posted about this problem in the 7.3L forum. There are several who are giving me good advice. It just would really speed things up if I had someone to stop by in person and do a little trouble-shooting and hands-on looking and checking and advising. It's an emergency situation because at any moment the locals can call the cops on me and I get another ticket for over $100 or I get towed away and impounded. I can't find anywhere to park off the street. I'm in the city and people are not too hospitable to you when you're broken down. The other day the parking patrol gave me a $109 while I was trying to fix the vehicle. And, in some areas I am not allowed to be parked on the street due to over-size vehicle laws.

I am available to meet up 24/7. I am working on it every day. Waiting for the engine scanner to arrive in the next few days. Thanks so much. JR

Ps. Need someone local who can visit in person and check out the vehicle in person. I already have people giving me good advice and suggestions online. I would like to find someone who can come in person. You can private message me with a phone number to call and I can send you my phone number. I am a social media guy. Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. You can Google Search: Road Warriors 360 to learn more about me.

* Feel free to repost this to a better place or forward it to anyone who might be able to help me. Thanks. JR
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