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Coolant Reservoir Cap Leak

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First I want to thank everyone for making this site a great resource for 6.0 owners, I've found this site very helpful for repairs on my new 04 6.0 diesel that I purchased in May 2011!

Here's an issue I noticed, and wanted to get your opinions if anyone has seen this before. Since this is a new truck for me (an I do my own mechanic work) I've been inspecting the truck for issues since I've bought it. This is the second time I've noticed this.

There have been splashes and drops on top of the coolant reservoir cap and tank. It also has seemed to make it to the coolant lines below the tank as well as the air intake line.

It seemed weird since they are drops and not pools or lines from coolant running down.

Is this just a bad cap or something else?


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Could just be a bad cap. Cheap to replace. Make sure it is not too full. The "min" mark is the new "max".
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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