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Coolant pump addition to my vegistroke

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I was seeing lower than comfortable coolant temps in the return coolant loop so i did a little research and decided to add this little mercedes aux coolant pump. Apperantly on the 6.0s, the coolant flow is less than with the 7.3s - or at least thats what i am hearing from other 6.0 conversion owners. The coolant loop is taped in where the feed line to the hater comes off the water pump and returns to the line going to the de gas bottle. The loop runs back to the tank, thryough the tank and returns to the engine bay so there is a fair amount of hose in which to loose heat through if the flow is to slow.
I paid i think 60 bucks for the pump from Mercededsource dot com
You can see its pretty small.

I removed the inercooler pipe to the turbo to gain access to the coolant "t". Disconected the loop connection to the "t".

The inlet and outlet on the pump form a 90 so this worked well for this location.
I added 5" of hose to the inlet from the "t".

I have no heat loss in the loop now so my vegi tank and Module are staying much warmer.
I cut the plug off this pump and ran a ground to a nearby bolt and ran the other wire to a switch in the cab and powered it off a keyed 12v source so The switch will be to turn it off in the summer when heat is n ot an issue, the rest of the time the switch is left on and it comes on with the ignition.
I tested this pump before instal and it pumped a 5 gallon bucket empty in 2 minutes so it is moving coolant alot facter than before keeping the heat up.
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Now the real trick would be to find this baby in 110v, and plumb it in front of one of these and put it on a timer. Wanna switch to veg faster?

Our electric is still much cheaper than the equivalent in diesel - less than $.05 KWH. Run both for an hour in the morning before you take off for a few cents...
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