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Coolant pump addition to my vegistroke

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I was seeing lower than comfortable coolant temps in the return coolant loop so i did a little research and decided to add this little mercedes aux coolant pump. Apperantly on the 6.0s, the coolant flow is less than with the 7.3s - or at least thats what i am hearing from other 6.0 conversion owners. The coolant loop is taped in where the feed line to the hater comes off the water pump and returns to the line going to the de gas bottle. The loop runs back to the tank, thryough the tank and returns to the engine bay so there is a fair amount of hose in which to loose heat through if the flow is to slow.
I paid i think 60 bucks for the pump from Mercededsource dot com
You can see its pretty small.

I removed the inercooler pipe to the turbo to gain access to the coolant "t". Disconected the loop connection to the "t".

The inlet and outlet on the pump form a 90 so this worked well for this location.
I added 5" of hose to the inlet from the "t".

I have no heat loss in the loop now so my vegi tank and Module are staying much warmer.
I cut the plug off this pump and ran a ground to a nearby bolt and ran the other wire to a switch in the cab and powered it off a keyed 12v source so The switch will be to turn it off in the summer when heat is n ot an issue, the rest of the time the switch is left on and it comes on with the ignition.
I tested this pump before instal and it pumped a 5 gallon bucket empty in 2 minutes so it is moving coolant alot facter than before keeping the heat up.
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My V3 switches on much faster now when its cold out and before this pump install, i was loosing so much heat, If i sat idle for too long the V3 would turn off indicating low coolant flow to the module...not anymore.
What are your coolant temps running in this cool weather???
aboput 182 out of th thermstat housing but the lines i don't know. I was just feeling them with my hand and i could tell the return line fro mthe tank was about 100* i can't hold my hand on it for any length of time.
He was saying that the 6.0 is plumbed different than the 7.3s OBS and superduty. So yes I agree on your truck and mine the hotest coolant is out of the block line then return to the pump. On the 6.0 the heater core return goes to the degas bottle and not the pump. So whether it may not be as hot or as much flow as us, alll he has for a heat source is the line off the water pump.

These Mercedes pumps are solid. My father had to add one to his 82 Mercedes grease pig for the same reason, Mercedes flow very little coolant at idle so one of these pumps is used for the heater hose application specifically to be able to draw heat into the car at idle.
I have been hearing good things about this little pump. I am going to get one too.

is it pumping coolant through the system or pulling it through the system?
On your 7.3 you should not need one. It is "aiding" the pumping cylce...not pulling or pumping per say, but speeding the process.
The pump is plumbed inline to the direction the coolant was already flowing. I just wasnt seeing enough flow so adding this it speeding the process.
Did that make sense?
by looking at your picture its pulling from the vegi cold side, do you think there is an issue with the pump pushing coolant backwards through the heater core at the tee to the hot side?
You are confused. ITs taking water that comes from the water pump, on its way to the heater core and its pumping it through my coolant loop and back - you can't see the return line but it goes to the de gas bottle. The inlet tube is pointing at the engine, the out let is pointing to the rear.
Well this little pump did not prove to be a good one. The heat from the coolant warped the inlet and outlet pipes and they started colapsing and leaking...I will contact the people i bought it from and hopefully they will have some insight as to why a "coolant" pump didnt hold up to the hot coolant.
Maybe i jusat got a bad one?
Ehh I cant say that one would be bad, its probably that all those pumps cant handle the hot side, if you can get another one for free, put it on the cold side.
Its made to go on the hot side of a mercedes to the heater core so i can't see how this application is any different? Do mercedes run cooler? :dunno:
the couple times I have seen this talked about in other forums they usually say they install them after the loop to pull the coolant rather before the loop pushing. If you call in a warranty on this pump, i would not tell them that you installed it on a truck. they will probably tell you where to go :)
I cut the plug off to wire it and i will have to explain that... i likely won't get my money back. The pump isn't ruined, if i have to i will try to round out the inllet/outlets with some heat and reinstall it on the cool side and see what happens. The inlets are just a little out of round.
I got a new one from and it is a true Bosch was 51 bucks. :woot:
Working great. then search for bosch coolant pump

EDIT: I found the link 1993 Mercedes 300D Auxiliary Water Pump - Cooling System - Bosch - PartsGeek
So how did you end up wiring it? where did you cut it in? Looks like I may be doing the same thing for my 02 ex.
Wire it to a 12v source that is hot when the ignition is on and i put a switch inline so i can turn it off in the summer time.
I grounded it under the hood right next to the location of the pump.
This pump has some odd looking terminals on it, i happened to have some crimp type connectors in my box of wiring stuff that fit those terminals nicely so once you get the pump, take it to autozone and browse there wiring section for those terminal conectors.
Put in on a 12 v converter?
Clay, do you have the old pictures still?? I can't see them anymore. I'm trying to plan out my system, and they would help. There aren't a lot of pictures online of 6.0 conversions.
Not sure but go here and sign up and you'll find lotsa info and pics.
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