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In May of this year I bought an '05 Excursion (cheap) with ~210k on it. The truck was a hauler and sometime mud-truck in a previous life, and the degas bottle does not appear to be over-pressurizing (though it may have done so at one point in the past). I've been reading all the forums extensively since then, but I'm at my limit of certainty.

I overheated the truck (fan on constantly) on a non-towing, late-summer road trip, apparently due to low coolant. I flushed and refilled with G05 and then started to keep a really close eye on it.

Last week, it started dumping mostly-white smoke (with a hint of blue) within a quarter-mile of the house, so I drove it back and parked it. It did it again the next morning when I started it for a look-see. I got P0404 & P1335 and have (for now) just cleaned the EGR valve.

I know I'm losing coolant and have no visible leaks. I've pulled the EGR valve three times (once after leaving it nose-down overnight) but the intake is dry as a bone. It does give a slight blue-white smoking at idle, never black.

Having done all this, can the EGR valve (alone!) cause coolant loss, or does the loss of coolant definitely indicate an EGR cooler problem?

Should I just quit second-guessing and consider myself lucky that I presumably caught it early?

I plan on going all the way in (studs, BPD oil cooler & EGR, coolant filter) if I have to go in for the EGR, but I don't want to do that until I have to go in ...

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4 Things that cause coolant loss:
Bad degas bottle cap
Running the coolant too high in the bottle. The lower mark is the highest you should run it.
Failed EGR (and by default, bad oil cooler)
Popped head gaskets.

Recommend getting a new cap and see if the concern returns.
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