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Coolant leak

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So I am not real knowledgeable about the cooling system, radiator specifically, but I found (I believe) my leak. It only leaks when the system is under pressure, as soon as I relieve pressure it stops. Now I can't actually see where it is leaking from but it's dripping down on the lower right passenger side and seems like its coming from back up in there but unsure and couldn't see. What do ya'll think and if it is the radiator how big of a job is it and how long does it take? Was needing a coolant flush anyways
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Replacing the radiator is fairly easy. Took me about an hour.

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Ok thanks found diesel tech Ron had a good video too

What brand did you use?
I don't remember the brand. I know it was an aluminum rad, about $225.
I'll try to find it for you.

Edit: it was ASI pro performance. I bought it on eBay for $150 in July. No problems with it at all. Worst thing I can say about it, is that my coolant runs at about 185*.
BeCool radiators are legit.

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And if you haven't already read about them, stay away from Mishimoto.

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IMO a leaking blue hose from the oil cooler to the EGR would be for more common than a leaking radiator. I think of EGR hose when I hear passenger side rear.

I got a coolant pressure tester from harbor freight. I pressurize to 16 PSI and the leak will show up. My truck had no leaks. My car, which I knew was leaking fluid from puddles in the ground, I found three leaks. Usually this coolant dries to a milky white powder which can be traced close to the source.

Prior to purchasing the coolant tester, I found an unusual leak where the EGR metal tube the Blue hose connects to was leaking.

My point is, if you’re looking for a reason to get a metal radiator, here it is, but there’s couple other places on the passenger side it could be.
I had a bad coolant leak on my pass side and it was the heater valve leaking and running down the back of the block. It’s like a 20$ part and a 10 min fix.
Oh wow! I thought mishimoto was the way to go. I didn't hear that. I'll have to search for that
Also sorry for the confusion but it's coming off the back passenger side of radiators. I guess what I meant to say it wasn't running down the front of the radiator but back side of the passengers side. I can't see it so was wondering if y'all thought it was a good chance it was radiator.
Since radiators are fairly cheap online, I'd just replace it. I thought mine was a core leak, ended up being the tank that was leaking.

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