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Coolant Cap leak

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Well here is the problem. I just installed a looney tune from Vivian, and when I WOT for a while I start to smell coolant. Now it is not a lot just sprinkles (wet around cap and on air intake hose). So could this be a faulty cap or is it something worse. I never had this happen till now.
EGR is deleted, CTS says oil and coolant temps are in rage of each other and the oil cooler and coolant have be changed (no more gold)
Also the coolant sits at the min mark.

Another note is that the coolant temp never gets higher then 188-190 goes back and forth. Could the thermostat not be working properly?

Thanks in advance!

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If you could rig a psi gauge to the return line from the radiator to the tank and see if you are getting anything over 16 psi.
thats all the hotter my truck ever gets. even when its 100 out im lucky to see above 190 usually it runs 186-188. id buy a new cap first. and how full is it. the min line is the new max line
Well the first time I did have it up to the max. Then I sucked it down to the min. But like I said it only just started to do this today. But I'll rig up a pressure test this week but I'm going to try a cap. I notice the cap from day one when I bought it it had a hump on the top instead of being flat. Idk if that was normal. If that makes any sense.

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Yup that was it just the cap! Thanks guys
Every once in a while a 6.0 owner gets lucky and doesnt break the bank. .
Um - get used to that leak. But glad the cap makes you feel better. :)
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