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We ripped the SPE hack job off of the DPC truck they did.
The moderators closed the old thread so I suppose they wanted it posted here in this new thread.

Here was the turbo that had weld slag pass through. Eventually turbo failed on the owner.

Here was the ypipe we pulled off, any slag here has made it into the engine.

This was dented to clear a dual fueler looks fine from the top. Nice welding wire hanging out and powder coateing.

And finally the same thing Dan6.7 had trouble with a blown uppipe bellow and just nasty welds.

We are not one to talk and had no intention of posting the pics.
I guess we just want to put it out there how awful there work is.

We rebuilt the whole kit, and tacked it, Mr. Doyle himself layed down some great looking welds and that is how we got it done in 3 days.
Unfortuneately the turbo was too far gone and went out on him shortly after.
We had already sized the kit for a larger setup which is going on now.

It is hard to tell what all that SPE slag did to the poor fellows engine.

SPE and there moderator buddies have deleted these pics on PSA multiple times, closed MAtt's thread when he attempted to ask them about it.

They have blamed the customer and said he is the one that turned it up blowing the flex joint. They said they were rushed when they had the truck 6 months.

If you guys really want to know what is going on ask Matt himself.

And by the way SPE is the main company pushing to have there biggest competitor 2 hours south out of the 6.7 market.

You guys ask for the truth there it is in a nutshell.
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