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Motor. 6 liter
Crew cab
Brand new 58 volt ficm yesturday
Brand new icp sensor yesturday
New high pressure oil pump 2000 km ago
Egr delete 2000 km ago
Brand new ipr valve yesturday
Arp studs and gaskets 2000 km ago
New oil cooler 2000 km ago
New Ckp sensor yesturday
Sct live wire tuner with innovated tunes

Most of the time when I go to start the truck it won't start. No smoke out I the exhaust just cranks and cranks. Doesn't matter if the engine is cool or hot same thing. When it does start it runs perfect and I can shut it off and start it right back up and then sometime if I try a third time it just cranks over and over. I have check for wire chaffing and nothing. New fuel filters. One thing that I did notice is when I go to crank it over the ground strap from the block to the passanger fire wall gets so hot it will actually melt my heater box. I have spent a lot o. This truck and out of ideas.i live in a remote community and the closest shop to me is 1600 km away. Before this happened a exhaust hanger broke as I drove for about 300 kn and then I started to notice at an idle it had a slight miss when I shut it off it barely start

Like I said doesn matter hot or cold when you try to start it sometimes it will and other times it won't

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You may be haveing fuel issues. A simple test is remove the upper fuel filter, pull the ficm fuse so it can't start, have a helper turn on the key and see if fuel enters the bowl. It should only take 3-4 seconds also observe for air bubbles there should be none.
Bubbles will indicate a suction side leak.

A second test should be done with the fuel pump disabled. Have the assistant roll the engine over and observe for bubbles again. Do not roll the engine for more than 15 sec. at a time starter damage can occur. On a cold engine this may need to be done several times. This test is to check for combustion gases getting into the fuel system.

You also need to reinstall the filter,and reinable the fuel pump and FICM and install a mechanical test gauge in the bottom houseing test port. A adapter is required 12mm to npt available from a hydraulic shop[cheaper] or from a parts house or tool truck[exspensive] min 45 psi.

Start there and see what you have. You should also read the sticky on the 6.0 problems forum.
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