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Hello All Just a quick intro I am new to the site and fairly new to owning my truck, bought it back in October. I have driven diesel machinery the better part of my short but have not had to do much with the motors but change oil filters etc basically small maintenance things. Well that is enough about me..

Now about my truck and plans...

This winter was a rough one bad starts hard starts etc... but when plugged up she starts fine... and when she warms up runs great. I just want to make her a lil better.

List of things I want to do

Glow Plugs
Fuel Pump
High oil Pressure pump
Cold Air Intake

I know those all may not be part of the fuel system perce(sp) but from what I understand they all play a part.

1.) I plan on changing the glow plugs a.) bc i want to make sure they are in working order for next winter and b.) if I am changing the injectors I figured I mine as well do it as I have seen that the valve cover does not look like it will be easy to remove on passenger side while I am already under there.

2.) Injectors, a guy at my work was listening to my truck while starting it and he mentioned something about looking at my injectors

3.) If i get bigger injectors, the need to be oiled, right?, therefore I want to look into a high pressure oil pump to meet the needs of the injectors I choose.

4.) Fuel pumps... I hate the mess in the valley I want to remove it or do something different. I have been reading into Fass and airdog systems..I like the idea of pure fuel with no air and dirt. I want the purest fuel I can put into my engine. But what about the fuel pump that sits right behind the fuel bowl in the back of the valley? is it removable? upgradeable? I was reading up on Raptors fuel gerotor does that replace the stock fuel pump? Can you run it in series with an air dog? or is it a stand alone?

5.) Cold air intake, I am aware to have a safe system you need to make your air and fuel somewhat equivalent i think.

Basically I am pretty sure I can handle the cold air intake and glow plugs on my own but will not turn down any opinions or information. But I am curious what people recommend for injector sizes, brand etc and a high pressure oil pump to match them. Also any help on redoing the fuel system i am just doing research trying to figure it all out.

My truck drives me back and forth to work... I do like to get heavy on the pedal...If I haul anything its a 20ft trailer with 4wheelers or a boat nothing major I just love PSD!!!

Thank you too all who reply...also I am not much up to date on abbreviations so maybe explain them before you use them so I will know thanks
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