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my compass dosent work in my 04 it shows nothing most of the time and shows a random direction every now and then got me stumped lol so i figured id ask yall
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HEY mine too maybe someone will clue in!
wow, nobody going to chip in on this one? Mine is goofy too, will not calibrate.
does it work only sometimes? if so, it might be a loose resistor. Same problem on mine, and took it to someone with a soldering pen. soldered the resistor back on, and worked amazing. Look around on here, somewhere there is a step by step on how to fix it
Ok, I read the posted link regarding broken solder connections and I had no such thing. I did re-solder them anyway just in case but it did nothing. Most of my console works perfectly but I just can't get the compass to calibrate. Sometimes the box is empty... sometimes it just stays stuck on SE... whatever. It just doesn't work. I tried different zones but I guess mine is just plain crap.
UPDATE!!!! It worked today! after I 'fixed' it yesterday it was blank after I re-calibrated it but when I started out this morning it worked perfectly.....If it goes to heck again then this was just a random occurrence and I will be stumped again. I'll keep you posted.
hey my 04 does the same thing, i'll have to read about the solder job
Well I just fixed mine after reading this it hasn't worked it 2 years I didnt have any luck with the solder though couldnt get it to stick at all so i pushed up the 620 and 680 that had came loose on one side and put some gorilla glue to hold them down if you do it this way just make sure it dries before you put the juice to it ...
Thanks guys saved me a bundle:icon_ford:
lol, why couldn't you get it to stick
Im a welder by trade thats how I make my coin, maybe soldering just isnt my thing I guess messed with it 30 minutes or so felt like I couldnt get the little fuses hot enough without risking the integrity of the circuit board , wish I had some little china man hands for this one youll see ..:dunno:
does all the 2004 f250 have this if so i never seen this show up on the cluster panel, my dads explorer 03 has the same problem went off and on all the time and when it was cold never worked.
its common with alot of the ford compass/mileage computers, the solder trick worked great for mine its held together for over a year now
nice thread,,,, mine has been acting up,, just fig'd it was the 120k gremlins,, sometimes it wont come on at all,,,
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