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Compass Recalibration

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Hello...I hope someone has an fix for this. Since I bought my used 2008 F350 KR, the compass always displays a calibrating notice and tells me to circle slowly to calibrate. I have done this numerouse times but it seems to come back all the time. Sometimes the message lasts for 1 second, sometimes up to 10 seconds. Is there a way to stop this message from appearing? Am I doing the compass calibration incorrect? Thanks.
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Never had any problems with the compass calibration, the process is very straightforward, you need to circle very slowly in open spaces, away from electric lines and tall buildings. I don't know is theres a way to get rig of the warning message but I'll check my owners manual to see if I find something.

Yea, I did circle slowly away from buildings but I still occasionally get the "circle slowly to calibrate" messsage about once a day.
Thread from the dead...

You ever get this resolved? I just bought an 09 that does the same thing... Sometimes the message flashes for a second, sometimes a few seconds, then I get "calibration complete" and I haven't done anything...
Thread from the dead for sure! I never got this resolved. It still does it. I would love to make it go away!!
I had my fingers crossed opening this thread. Bought my 08 f350 Lariet about 5 months ago it has had a ( -- ) in the dispaly the whole time. I've tried a couple of times and no luck. I guess I should be happy I atleast don't get the notice to calibrate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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