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After 4 years and many dollars and hours spent working on my truck I might finally have a solution to my cold starting troubles. To go back to the beginning I bought my truck from a family friend that didn't use it anymore. It had almost 250k on in and needed batteries and glow plug work that I know of. Before buying the truck I bought two new interstate batteries for it just to hear it run and convince everyone else I needed this beast. We had a little trouble trying to get it to start since it had been sitting for a while, but it finally started. And boy did she run! Very shortly after I bought it. Put a new GPR on it which kept the glow plugs good for the summer, but when winter came I was constantly fighting it to try and get it started. Specially if it wasn't plugged in. That summer I was also forced to put a new alternator on it when it went out going over I-70 in Colorado. It never turned over strong specially in the winter, but I figured it was a high compression motor and its really cold out, oil gets thick when cold, and just takes a lot to turn it over. Never thought much of it. That winter I put new glow plugs into the truck. This made it a whole lot easier to start in the winter, but still didn't turned over strong. It was fine all till the next winter when I had a injector harness go out. After this happened I ran the truck dead trying to get it started again, but with the help of a fellow diesel lover I got it started and fixed. A month later I was back to having cold start issues. Unless it was plugged in over night it wouldn't start in the morning. I had read the Interstate batteries weren't very liked amongst the diesel group and decided that after being two years old the batteries must be getting worn down again. So I went a head and replaced both batteries and once again my cold start problems were fixed. A couple months later, the other injector harness goes out. I am not a mechanic, but I love tinkering with vehicles and pretty much anything that has a motor or wheels so I know my way around pretty well .... when I have tools. So far everything that has gone out up to this point has been when I was up at college, or on vacation so I wasn't able to do it myself. Instead I had to pay a ford dealership to fix it for me. Ever since I bought the truck, the lights have also flickered a little bit, but once again didn't pay that much attention to it and never found any good solution to it other than new alternator or new batteries which I already had. Any way after the second injector harness I was back up and running ... until a couple days ago when I got off work late at night to come home. I went out to my truck to start it, but it would not spin over hard enough to start it. It had gotten cold that night, but I felt that it still should have started. Trying and trying I eventually wore the batteries down once again. Not having any way to tow, or charge the truck, and not knowing anyone to help me out because I was new to the state, bought a battery charger and pulled the batteries to charge them at my apartment. I hooked the charger up to the passenger side battery first. After a couple seconds on the charger, the charger showed 100% charge. That's weird I didn't have hardly any power at the truck. I hooked the second battery up, almost completely dead! Wait I thought they were suppose to be drawn from equally. After consulting with a family friend who is a diesel mechanic, I had finally realized that I was only drawing power from one battery. For almost four years of fighting it and replacing parts, I have found that the positive running across the front of the truck has gone bad some how. Although this was not the only problem, I sigh in relief that hopes that this is the end to my cold start problems. I searched hi and low and have not seen a post about this so I want to post this for anyone else having this problem.
I apologize for this being so long, but I just wanted to share with everyone my experience and what I went threw just for a bad wire.
So if you are having cold start problems, check all your terminals and cables, and make sure both batteries are being pulled from.
Thanks everyone, and try not to bash me to hard. I am young, new to the forum, and fairly new to diesel trucks compared to a lot of you on here.
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