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Cold starting issues?? 05 f250

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Every morning I have to cycle the plugs 3-4 times just to get it to start and a puff of white smoke comes out then idles rough till it reaches about 180•F then the fan kicks on until it reaches normal temps which is about 190 at this time of year then everything's normal.
Is this normal behavior for cold natured ford? Or is something else wrong with it?

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Do you have any way of monitoring PID's? Have you checked for codes?

Very common issue. These are the more common culprits:

FICM - Might need to be replaced or repaired. Many options to choose from and a lot of it depends on how deep your pockets are. I went with Ed at for his premium repair. He's got a fantastic reputation around here.

Injector - could be bad or have stiction. A lot of guys have had positive results from running Rev-X or Archoil to help the stiction problem. I've run both and both worked for me. Eventually, though, you'll probably need to replace the injector(s). A contribution test is required to figure out which injectors need replacing.

Are you sure your fan kicks on? I've only heard mine sounded like a jet flyby and ran for 5-10 seconds. I was hauling upwards of 10K lbs in the dead of summer through the Smokies.
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The service light comes on but eventually goes off after a few hours of driveing. Haven't had a chance to check the codes it always goes off before I can make it to the shop. It runs great once it warms up. And it's definitely the fan blowing. It once ran constantly for over an hour going down the interstate but that day it was in the 20s.

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Only mads I have is a k$n intake, straight pipe, and quadzilla exhilarator 2.

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it's more than likely the ficm. search to find a suitable testing procedure
You need something to monitor your truck. Otherwise your just shooting at clouds in a duck blind...
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