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Doing a axle swap on my 03 with a 06 axle have some part #s for every one to hopefully make it easier. Took me alot of time to find some of the correct part #s.

Steering gear bolts for 06 box there longer and bigger the 03 box is m12 shoulder with washer bolts.
Bolt-M14 X 2 X 130 Hex Flg HD - Ford (-N606109-S2) it's .02mm shorter than the 03 bolts. I went this way expensive but is proper grade with right sheer load for steering.

Spring buckets there's 3 versions of the newer trucks have nipple on middle bolt this is the set I found and used had to grind the nipple off. Then 05 to 2014 are same. They are directional.
Spring buckets(5C3Z5A306CA 5C3Z5793CA)

2005 to 2016 radius arm brackets they are not really diffrent on aluminum trucks but the bolt holes don't line up the same.
(BC3Z-3B095-B)Lh (7C3Z-3B095-AR) Rh

track bar bolt and nut sense the leaf spring trucks adjust camber through track bar.

(W706345) track bar bolt
(N811886) track bar nut

Radius arm bolts and nuts I used
(W709860) radius arm bolt
(N807659) radius arm nut 1 nut was welded on radius arm

Steering stablizer bracket if you want the factory style. I used after market dual setup so didn't use this. (HC3Z3E652B)(3E652)

Track bar bracket.
08 to 18 might have to shim depending on frame. That bend changes and doesn't line up 100%.
05 to 07

I have alot of other part #s I can post them as well if can think of other parts that aren't easy to find?
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