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I recently bought an OBD2 sensor for my Ford e350 with Powerstroke 7.3L diesel.
By the recommendation I purchased the FORScan Lite app for android, because it's capable of reading useful information like my IPR and ICP values.

I've driven a few thousand miles since I bought the van, and it has no codes. However, this scan tool app has tests. There's a Key On Engine Off On Demand Self-Test and a Key On Engine On Injector Self Test.
When I ran these tests, I came up with lots of codes:

P1261, P1267, P1263, P1265, P1291 -- These are all shorts in the cylinders High to Low side short on different cylinders, except P1291 is a injector high side short to ground.

I did a search on this forum hoping it's a common issue with these tests, but I didn't find anything, so please let me know.

Is it unusual that I don't see any codes running the engine normally? I don't feel any issues in driving and no rough idle. Wouldn't I notice issues in half my cylinders?

The engine has 240k miles and is a year 2000.
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