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Chipped Turbo fan blade

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I had just put in a new (but used with under 100k miles) turbo in my 06’ 6.0. After test driving it for the first time, I pulled the intake off and noticed the fan blades on the turbo where chewed up like a chew toy after that one drive. Is it safe for me to drive the truck with chipped fan blades? I’m not noticing any driving differences except for slightly higher but not alarming egts. And I believe my mechanic hooked up the oil feed line incorrectly which starved the turbo of oil which caused this to happen yet caused an oil leak on right below the turbo and dripping down both sides of the transmission.
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Good to know about the poor lubrication of the turbo sleeve bearing. That is something I have been seeing causing this issue on other threads. The turbo was fine when I bought it and I drove the truck about 4 miles after the install, then a noticed the chipped turbine and oil leak after the drive
Did you prime the turbo with oil before starting the truck? This is one of the most common mistakes. Just rolling the start over without starting the truck will build oil pressure and prime the oil galley.
Yes sir I had cycled the glow plugs about 5 times before starting the truck, because it’s had been sitting in cold nights. This should have allowed the truck to be primed with oil.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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