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Chipped Turbo fan blade

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I had just put in a new (but used with under 100k miles) turbo in my 06’ 6.0. After test driving it for the first time, I pulled the intake off and noticed the fan blades on the turbo where chewed up like a chew toy after that one drive. Is it safe for me to drive the truck with chipped fan blades? I’m not noticing any driving differences except for slightly higher but not alarming egts. And I believe my mechanic hooked up the oil feed line incorrectly which starved the turbo of oil which caused this to happen yet caused an oil leak on right below the turbo and dripping down both sides of the transmission.
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An oil supply leak would not cause chipped vanes; ingesting something solid would. Since you did not do the install, the question would be if the used turbo was in this condition prior?

Poor lubrication of the turbo sleeve bearing can wear them and lower the rotational speed. That may have caused the higher EGT temps, or the turbo does not match the original vane design. There were a few changes to the turbos over the years.

I'd be looking closer at the vane at 11 o'clock. Chipped vane turbos have run for some time without issue, but it's not something I would care to do. You never know the fatigue, and there would have a minor balance issue.
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GD, you mean the prior situation where the other turbo vanes were chipped too? Maybe he likes turbos with hurt vanes.

ZMANN, By repeating the glow plugs cycle, the magnetic field is generated around the motor located in the heads. Repeated pulsing causes the oil residing in the oil pan sump to be levitated up into the block's crank and cam areas, enhancing the initial lubrication. I think I saw this on the show "Fringe", something that Walter was working on. Pulse wave technology.

Or someone thinks the glow plugs are sitting in the oil pan. Either way, at 5 GP cycles, I'm sure the FICM isn't happy with the diminished supply of electrons.
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Y'all still think this is a legit post?
I'm trending more towards loose nut than loose bolt....

....based on the vane damage of course.
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