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Check Engine light on again!

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I am new to this whole thing but I have a 06 F350. I just installed an IDX air cleaner. I drove the truck about 50 miles and no problem. As soon as I hooked up the 5th wheel and started to tow I got the check engine light again (4th) time the other three I did not have the air cleaner. I have also had the turbo replaced two times. The first was at 3600 miles the second at 9000 and now the truck only has 11700 on it. I am thinking of trading for a GMC. Anyone know a permanent fix? Quality is Job 1! Right!
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I replied to your other post and said it would be nice to have the CEL codes so someone can help you, also said it would be a hasty decision to trade for GMC only over CEL.
First find out what the code is, and check to see if you messed up anything doing your intake install. like connectors and stuff. Dont get a gmc, once you get it going again youll be happy.
Thanks for the reply. I agree about the codes. It is at my local Ford dealer. They said they can look at it tomorrow. If it was the airbox don't you think it would have been immediate? I have now idea about this stuff. I just want it to run right and a long time. Don't worry the GMC comment was intended to generate some response. Although my brother in law has a 06 2500 HD and he gets 1.5 times the gas mileage I get towing or not!!!
Yes it depends what could have gotten knocked off, but yes the majority of the time it would set a code right away. It depends on what happend tho, cause sometimes it will take a few drive cycles to set a code.
Be patient. It's prolly somethin simple. Can you not pull codes on your SCT?
Might wanna get a cheap, simple code reader that will also clear codes. JMO
Wish Ya Best!
OK the dealership called me and said they had a P0401 Code. He said he cannot clear it without the OEM (Factory) air box. Remember I have the XDI air box now. He tells me the code is the Air Mass sensor! I have called the place where I bought the air cleaner to see if there is anything they can do on there end but so far no response. Now what?
the dealership is lying. they can clear it easily. off the top of my head 0401 is egr not mass air flow sensor. They are just giving you grief because of your aftermarket intake. Tell them to either clear it or fix it.
I kind of suspected that they were full of stuff. I found another site that also backs up what you are saying. It went on to say something about DPFE. Thanks.
DPFE, unsure what that is.
dpfe was how the pcm was able to check the egr operation on gasoline fords. It has nothing to do with your probloem. You need to remove your egr valve and clean or replace it.
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