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Cheapest turbo timer

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Looking for the cheapest turbo timer. I have found one for $140. Anything cheaper?

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What would you think about getting a pyrometer/EGT gauge for about the same price and just taking an extra moment to cool the engine down yourself. It probably takes less time than you think. And then you have a very useful and important monitor that I think our 6.0s need.
^^^^ this.
You are the cheapest turbo timer :rofl:
Agreed with ^ guy

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It takes almost no time for my truck to drop below 375-400 as long as I take it easy for the last little stretch before I stop. I can be pulling my trailer on the highway when it's hot out and if turn the ac off when I see the gas station sign. I can literally pull right up to the pump and shut down. There's no need for a timer IMO.

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I know I can wait in the truck for a few mins but I want a timer.

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Be careful, a turbo timer can make the computer mad because the engine is running while the key is off. Found this out the hard way using the Brand E programmer that I use to have. I sit there and watch the pyro now.

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If you have a cts it's a simple add on. No issues ever with mine.

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I use ISSPRO turbo temp monitor from dieselmanor, it shutdown the engine at 300* but for $140.00 or less is better to check eBay.
Think I got mine for my cts for $100 on eBay. It's completely adjustable for temp or time. I shut mine down @ 350¤ which is the recommended temp for shutdown.

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My Clifford/DEI has a nice timer feature. If you're thinking of an alarm, it would be worth it to invest in a similar one...
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