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I posted earlier about my '04 F250 losing power under a heavy load. It worked great for a few days after changing fuel filters, but after a couple hundred miles with a heavy load again (a 28' 5th wheel), it started missing terribly and wouldn't pull itself out if it's tracks. Without the load, it will run very poorly, but will get up to about 65 mph. I took it to a local mechanic with a Snap-On scanner and he said it could be a multitude of issues. Took it to the dealer service dept. and they came back with failed injectors at #1, #3, and #7.

I believe I picked up bad fuel, but don't know for sure. Any ideas on what causes injectors to fail? I was on a 3,000 mile road trip when it happened and was already 1,600 miles into the trip with no problem at all.

Also, how much trouble is it to change the injectors myself? I did the EGR delete myself and since it is out of warranty, thought I may be better off trying this as well.

Any suggestions?
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