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Changing the Fuel filters on a 6.0 liter

You will need the following tools:
36mm socket
24mm socket
6mm Hex Head

Here is the part number from Motorcraft for the fuel filters:

On the engine locate the upper fuel filter

Using the 24mm socket remove the cap and filter

Locate the water/fuel separator on the driver side frame rail; there is a gold colored plug that requires a 6mm hex head to remove. Take the plug completely out, have a bucket or jug ready to catch the fuel that will be coming out. Next using the 36mm socket remove the cap on the rear filter.

Remove the O-rings on both the upper and lower caps.

Replace the O-rings with the provided replacements. DO NOT TRY AND REUSE OLD O-RINGS. USE THE ONES PROVIDED WITH THE FILTERS.

Re-install the filters in both upper and lower filter caps and re-install the plug on the fuel water separator. Make sure you don’t over tighten the caps, this will cause the o-rings to crimp and cause leaks. However if the caps aren’t good and tight they will suck air.

After everything is buttoned up cycle the ignition key a couple of times to make sure the pump is run to prime the system before you attempt to crank the engine this will help get any air out
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