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I picked up the kit from Larry at Discount Power Parts. I liked it for the larger mouth intake, being able to change my CAC tube from the factory plastic to the metal one provided, and having the 3 ports already drilled into the intake.
All in the all the install took me just over 2 hours. I'll try my best to write about it as much as I can.

Original Shot- AFE Stage 2 intake, Innovative Diesel Stainless elbow:

Close up of the elbow and stock CAC tube:

First thing is taking out the AFE (or stock intake)so you can get to the intercooler tube:

You can see the coolant overflow line across the next picture, undo the tension clip so it's out of your way. From there I removed the CAC tube. This will take a bit of work. Use a 7/16" deep socket to reach the bolts on the band clamps and loosen them ALL the way and than some, they won't come apart, so just make sure they are good and loose. Both the intake side and the intercooler side are very rough to get off. The intake side has a notch to hold it in place. The intake side was easier when I stood by the driver's side fender and pulled towards me, it took a bit but it came off.
This is a shot of the intercooler side of the CAC tube circled in red:

I got out my 3' Craftsman pry bar and worked it out... it will take a while, so just stick with it!

Next I removed the intake I had on there already. I took a 5/16" ratchet to the 2 bolts on the passenger side and I used an open ended 5/16 on the other two I couldn't get to with the ratchet.
Here's the result:

I wanted to show a picture of the 2 CAC pipes next to each other for a size comparison. The new metal piping is shorter, but the band clamps and provided blue hose makes up that difference.

Notice how the metal has more free flowing bends and also at the bottom doesn't have the "corrugated" area to trap less air.

Next I installed the CFM+ intake. I opted for the carbon appearance which looks real awesome in person. Once again- pics of the 2 pieces (old and new) next to each other.

Before putting it on the truck I placed in my 2 water/meth nozzles and the boost fitting I had. It comes with 3 allen screws to plug the holes if you don't have these inserts. Here's a shot with everything in:

To install the intake first place the provided felt and metal gasket to make a better seal:

Then set the intake on top and use the supplied bolts. They used 10mm heads instead of the factory 5/16 from earlier. DON'T over tighten to strip them out, one of mine tighten up real quick and I think I stopped just before getting too far.

Then- a tip from the company- I used some dish detergent to lube the blue tubing so it would go on easier. WOW was that a help, it just slid right on. Put both band clamps on. Do the same for the intake side and the intercooler side.


After these were on, I slid the piping underneath the intake tray and lined it up and began pushing it into the intake side and intercooler side. It took a little bit to get it even and far enough in on both ends, but it worked out well. 3 shots for this one:

Than begin tightening all the band clamps with a 7/16" deep socket. Go around and make sure all is tight. I had to reinstall all of my water/meth lines and boost fitting.
Follow that up with the air intake reinstallation. I was reminded of how I wasn't too pleased with installing my AFE. It was a REAL tight fit now. I got it though.
All in all it wasn't a bad install- truthfully the air intake and the factory CAC tube uninstall were the hardest parts.

Here's a pic of everything back together and the new look under my hood.
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