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CCV Delete / bypass / re-route or catch can

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I recently replaced the cold side intercooler pipe and deleted the throttle valve. In doing so, I noticed a lot of oil in the pipe. So, I started doing research. It looks like the OEM Ford Crank Case Vent unit allows some amount of oil to circulate back through the turbo. Supposably by design.

I have found articles / videos in favor of all 3 options. One guy (mechanic) is adamant that the factory fixes issues that are brought to him.

I just don't see how sending oil back through the turbo is a good idea. Adding oil to the air system just seems counterproductive.

So I looked at the oil catch systems or the reroute system.

What do you guys think or what is your experience?
Note: I also acknowledge that manufacturers and dealers will sell you anything, good or bad for your truck.
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The CCV isn't designed to send oil back thru the intake. That's just a horrible way the process ends up effecting the motor.

How I understand it all: CCV is a feature needed to prevent the crankcase from getting over pressurized. I have read that there is more blowby at idle than when under load as it's the piston rings that cause the biggest part of this problem.

A catch can isn't a bad idea when applied correctly. A reroute system to vent to the exhaust may not have the "as designed" flow to pull the "blow by" out of the head area.
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