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Hi guys, I would really like some advice from alignment experts.

My truck, 2004 F250 4x4 CC, short box, drove good until the tie rod got bent while turning around in the woods. Just bumped a stump.

I always had road tires. 110K, not used off road or abused. After that, it really wandered so I extended the tie rod a turn so I could at least get it to a shop.

Took it to the local alignment shop, the only one within 100 miles. (not so local). No local shops who specialize in trucks

At the same time I put a new set of grip tires on it. They aligned the truck and then it was so responsive its dangerous, white knuckles at anything above 20 mph.

Returned the truck and they said it needed balljoints. I knew it did not and wouldn't cause the tight steering issue, but since it was there and I was in a bind, I let them do it. Of course no improvement.

Their only response is "it's set to factory specs".

I know the factory specs have a tolerance range, but if I could give them an actual specific target for the toe it would definitely help. I know some trucks can be quirky and require a "fine tune" with the toe setting.

Sorry, I don't have a copy of what they aligned it too.

285 x 16 tires ( were Michelin ATX now a mud tire, not crazy aggressive, something like a BFG)
Bilstein 5100
Front end has 2.5" leveling springs

I live in Texas but this truck is up in canada, heading up there for the summer after July 4th.


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Hard to say without seeing the specs of the alignment, so it would be a guess for me. Also a little difficult if you’re not by the truck, but I’m wondering if they adjusted the caster-specifically if it has negative caster. I’d just take it to another alignment shop when you get to the truck.
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