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I am putting a new set of injectors in my truck and am goin to do a little work on the tranny so i dont blow it up. i want to do the vb and tc. the guy i baught the truck from said he got the tranny rebuilt already but i didnt think to ask him if it was a stock rebuild or if he got upgraded parts in it. Im wondering if there is a way to check because i dont want to buy a new vb and tc if the the stuff thats in the tranny is already good stuff. The main reason that im questioning if he had good parts put in it is because there is a trailer light plug on the inside of the box like he may have pulled a goose neck with it.
thank you in advance.
Probably a stock rebuild. Ask the previous owner, or call the shop that did the work and ask.

I'd like to know this too. Mine shifts really FIRM from 2-3 and I've wondered if it's an issue or possible a shift kit or some other hard part . . .
^^^ I second this... mine shifts firm through all gears! Its only got 7k miles on it. I checked fluid, and its good. I'm going to be doing injectors and chip. And curious if my tranny had a shift kit installed or any other mods. It is a pulling truck. Still has the gooseneck hitch.

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You two are probably experiencing the tc lock in these trucks and they are probably stock pieces.
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