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27' 2004 Trail Light Camper Modified to Toy Hauler

I bought this trailer about a year and a half ago. The front was wrecked at the time. I rebuilt the front end of the trailer with a deck to hold 2 full size atv's. It works great. I basically wanted a nice bed on wheels with tons of room that could also get 2 ATVs around. It currently has one full size futon and 2 smaller ones. The 2 smaller ones combine to make one large bed but also separate for eating/playing cards. It EASILY sleeps 4 adults and 3 dogs and all your gear. Ive had this trailer all over Colorado and works great. MY girlfriend and friends have had some great camping trips in this camper. It could use some things here and there to really finish her off. There is no running water, propane or lighting. Then again your camping who needs that stuff. I just use portable equipment in the trailer, Coleman stove, portable propane lantern kerosene heater. Worked great for camping in the Keystone parking lot for snowboarding. All of the tanks are still under the trailer just not hooked up, infact the hole is still there for the toilet. There is TONS of room in this camper. IT used to be a slide out, but that is now permanent. If you are interested you really just need to see this camper/toy hauler. The ONLY and i mean ONLY reason im selling this is I now have a dune buggy and I need to change up the camper situation to get camper and dune buggy to the mountains. YouTube - Camper exterior YouTube - Camper interior
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