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Being fortunate enough to have a solid grasp on our beloved six litres, it pains me to look at the local classifieds and see the abundance of trucks being sold, in need of attention. Unfortunately in my eyes, the seller is all too familiar with the issues present in to many cases and trying to stick someone with it but being sold with; "No issues!" "Solid truck!" "Needs nothing!" "Engine is BulletProof!!" BOTH my 6.0s were previously studded and at my time of purchase, headgaskets were compromised. Hopefully I can make this worth reading for you guys and spread some more awareness.

My 2005. Have owned for about 3 years now. A very long story short, 2nd owner who I purchased off of, bought the truck stock with blown HG's. (He was an extremely nice fella and was the case where he relied on the seller, and got screwed). He had the truck into a diesel shop and they used ARP's and OEM gaskets. I purchase from him 20,000km after repair. Several years past since he repaired, just rarely drove it. For months never any major issues. But it would spit coolant and always have pressure in the system even after sitting a week. Driving conditions had to be perfect for it to really puke. But hey, it was studded and I was in denial! All the signs where present but I was doing my best to not accept them. Finally put a guage on system and had to accept the fact it was time. (Thats the hardest part about it all). I do not one bit fault the seller of my 05. I doubt he had any clue and neither did I. But I learned don't ever overestimate a studded 6.0. I did not abuse the truck in any fasion to prompt the HG's to fail. I also bought with I believe a small leak. The shop which did the repair, simpy did a poor job. I tore down and rebuilt truck properly myself. Proudly now running BPD badges on each door.

My 2007. Recently purchased about 2 months ago. Truck was said to be bulletproof. Seller had all the right things in the add to make a buyer get that warm fuzzy feeling. Seeing through his sugar coated add I requested VIN number and all paperwork. I contacted diesel shop which completed the headgasket job and did any bit of research I could on the history. He purchased at 40,000km from 1st owner. Ended up "bulletproofing" at 115,000km which was studs and felpro gaskets. Now I purchase 70,000km later. Trucks purpose while in his possession was hauling camper and toys. Not a daily driven truck. (Same use for myself now). Now keep in mind the seller and myself share the same career in the same industry. Never heard of or met him before, but just chatting and getting to know eachother its brought up. So I know now that if theres anything wrong with this truck, he darn well knows and is hiding it. I am the first and only one to view the truck. As I contacted him 20 minutes after the add was online. Seeing white residue around the inside of the degas cap, I ask, "Some overpressuring I see?" His respose "No just road grime.". HA. Okay guy this is going to be fun. I see a couple small drops of fresh coolant around the battery. "Adding some coolant I see?" "No was just checking it." Hmmm, yes okay makes sense you have me fooled, thanks for clearing the air on all that. Looking at the upper rad hose, you can see its been swelled up to the point its been just touching the intercooler pipe.. Oh dear.. I didn't mention that to him. Crack open the air box and find it full of coolant from cap lifting and puking everywhere.. Washing under hood will clean up the residue but ive found it gets trapped in the seals around the airbox. Also didnt mention that. Tried to keep him in a good mood as I needed to get him down on price.. Crack the degas cap and no pressure in system. Truck is cold. Fire it up. Some stiction but nothing major. Warm up and test drive. (Empty with no PID monitoring) Bring it back and pop the hood. Rad hose feels okay, but can audibly hear the degas cap leaking sitting there engine off. I have a coolant guage rigged up with me and a scan tool to hook up but at this point ive seen enough. I repeatedly ask him any issues regarding headgaskets and cooling system. "Nope!" "Great truck!" The only reason I went through purchasing the truck was due the fact its extremely rare. Atleast around here. Therefore I was prepared to spend the time and money to give the truck the love it deserves. Capable of completing all repairs here at home. Got it home and serviced it to start off with. Quickly realized the seller also did not perform the maintenance he clamied to be doing. Now with a new degas cap truck would run normal coolant pressure if driven nicely, no load on it. Once loaded truck most certainly presented blown headgaskets. Truck up to temp, release system pressure and 20psi boost accelerating under load the coolant pressure guage would hit 16psi by the time I got it into overdrive. Tore truck down and found cylinders 4, 3 & 5 all compromised. I am now assembling the truck. Few other repairs while im into it and ill have a great reliable truck.

Now yes I was expecting it when purchasing my '07 but still the reality of it makes me think. How many of these trucks are willingly be sold to people in this state. Not everyone can pick up on issues present and have to rely on the seller. Seeing my '07 with all the paperwork and proof, lower milage, and a clean truck in general. It got me thinking he was getting away with regardless. (Obviously he did.. but atleast I was prepared, and saved someone buying it unknowingly) I did contact him once it was apart to prove hes a (enter foul language here). He never replied.. go figure. To answer the question, "Why didnt you point it all out to get him down on price?" Well, I quickly realized he was sticking to his guns on selling this truck "Needing nothing!" Some other small blemishes on the truck I consulted him about first came back with disappointing responses and more lies. If I didnt buy it that night, im positive the next day it would have be gone.

I hope this can help guys think twice and do that extra testing when purchasing to limit the amount of sellers who can get away with it. I know its tough to ask to hook on your holiday trailer and load up the wife, kids, and dog while you take it for a test drive monitoring every PID, but IMO thats the only way to tell what your getting yourself into. With all that being said I commend the guys who are upfront about the issues present when selling, as much as they do loose when doing so. Thanks to those who have some honesty and dignity.
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