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Bushwacker pocket style fender flares.

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I just got a set of fender flares for my truck and I'm not sure what color to paint them. My truck is dark shadow grey but I have all tinted windows, smoked roof and brake and third brake lights. And black nerd bars and black wheels. Should I paint them dark shadow grey, gloss black, or flat black?

If anybody has pictures of thier truck with this kind of color scheme please post up some pictures. I would like to see how it all looks. Thanks.

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Not gray, but I have a silver 7.3 with tinted windows, smoked lights, black nerf bars, and black wheels and I went with a textured matte black for the pocket flares, then went back and painted from the body line down matte black as well....

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Damn that does look good. I wish I woulda ordered black paint instead. I tried waiting long enough to get a reply but I got inpatient. So I ordered some dark shadow grey paint already. And I ordered enough to paint my bumpers and grill and fender flares. I hope it looks good. Thanks though and you got a good looking truck. I like the bolts on the fender and wheels. Nice job.

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