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I have seen a couple threads about this on other boards, but no solutions...I have a 2007 6.0, studs, BPD EGG and air-oil cooler. About 400 miles after the bulletproof work, it developed a whine...much like a PS pump (a BIG PS pump) low on oil. Noise is there at idle and through RPMs until it gets lost in other engine/drivetrain sounds. Noise is NEVER there until engine has been run for a bit--5 to 10 minutes. Hear loudest in cab, some say they can hear it outside the engine compartment...I cannot.
Have chased turbo pipes, PS pump and related, and more. There is a vibration in the oil lines, but cannot find anywhere it is touching a part that could set this up.
It is annoying enough that I would not have done the BPD oil cooler if I had this something I just have to live with?

Andrew here from BPD. We hear about this from time to time and if it indeed is related to the oil cooler, it will most likely be the hose that runs on the drivers side of the truck. If this hose is touching any part of the truck body/cab, this may cause a "drone" through the cab and is typically RPM sensitive. So in our experience, this is a simple fix, but may require some digging. If possible, email ([email protected]) me some pictures of the area around the oil filter and under the hood, by the air filter. I think this will be a good place to start.
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