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Here is the back story. 1997 F250, 4wd, 5 spd, 136000 mi: I replaced the dual mass flywheel with a kit form brute power part number (90636SK). The clutch I removed was in perfect shape — almost brand new — only the Dual mass flywheel was getting week. Main seal was not leaking, so I didn't replace it; no oil on the old clutch either. driving it Immediately after the replacement, there is a shudder in the clutch when starting from a stop, and a hard down shift. This was not a problem with the original clutch. I contacted the supplier and Brute Power who denied that the problem was in their parts, excusing it as was worn spring shackles, motor mounts, oil or grease on the mating surfaces — basically anything except their kit.

I have been driving it in this condition for about a month now and it seems to be getting worse. In the mean time I notice that the truck does not shake side to side , which would be indicative of spring shackles and or motor mounts, but lurches forward as the clutch grabs and slips, until I completely release the clutch pedal. This tells me that there is a high spot on one of the components in this kit.

While trying to get the supplier to honor the warranty, they deny there is anything wrong with their kit. The only way they will do anything, is if I remove the clutch and send it in so the manufacturer can inspect it, and if they determine it is a warranty issue then they will send a replacement. This leaves me vulnerable to them not honoring their warranty once the parts are out of my hands. This policy also leaves me without a truck until they make a decision; of coarse, the supplier offered to let me purchase another clutch kit and swap out the old one, before I send it in for warranty review. This sounds like one good kit for the price of two. If I have to buy another kit It will be from someone else not the same supplier.

My questions are:

Is there anything I should look for externally from the clutch that will cause these symptoms?

And, Has anybody else had experience using a Brute Powers clutch kit?

If I purchase another kit, what is a safe, affordable, stock horsepower option?

Thanks in advance for your input,
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