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Breaking in a new 2014 f250

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Hey guys I was kinda of wondering , I bought my truck right after Christmas and the weather has been in the negative numbers almost everyday since I've bought it. Is my brand new Diesel engine getting the worst possible kind of break in? I let it run about 10 minutes or so before I go anywhere and I'm easy on the throttle. She has about 900 miles on her and seems to run perfect. Hopefully I'm just worrying about it for no reason, but when you spend 62k for a new truck you start to see every possible reason something could go wrong down the
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I wonder if anybody puts a radiator blocker / wrap on their truck to get the temps up? Here in Maryland, I haven't had my truck over 160-170 degrees in weeks. I just can't get it up to full operating temp, no matter what - it's just too cold outside. I've thought about having my wife make a 1/2 radiator cover just to get the temps up a bit.

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