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Breaking in a new 2014 f250

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Hey guys I was kinda of wondering , I bought my truck right after Christmas and the weather has been in the negative numbers almost everyday since I've bought it. Is my brand new Diesel engine getting the worst possible kind of break in? I let it run about 10 minutes or so before I go anywhere and I'm easy on the throttle. She has about 900 miles on her and seems to run perfect. Hopefully I'm just worrying about it for no reason, but when you spend 62k for a new truck you start to see every possible reason something could go wrong down the
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I think you be fine, just do your best to get her up to 190 -200 degrees oil temp when you can as this is full op temp.
190! Holy crap Ill be lucky to get it up to 140-150 in these cold temps, and thats after cruising around for a couple hrs, good mix of hwy and city driving.
Yeah this weather is rough on the equipment. Especially trucks with dpf's still on them. Drove my truck for a few hours the other day and it barely got into the 150's. I'd imagine with it being this cold, the trucks prolly don't get real hot to go through a regen good.
Just driving around town in traffic in this cold my truck will take forever to regen, get it out on the hwy and do a few full throttle runs and it heats up the egts pretty fast :rofl:
I wonder if anybody puts a radiator blocker / wrap on their truck to get the temps up? Here in Maryland, I haven't had my truck over 160-170 degrees in weeks. I just can't get it up to full operating temp, no matter what - it's just too cold outside. I've thought about having my wife make a 1/2 radiator cover just to get the temps up a bit.
I cut up a cardboard box and dropped it in front of the rad, I dont know if it made that much of a difference, I was contemplating going to get the FIA winterfront. I dont think it helped much for decreasing warm up time but possibly got a few more degrees once it was warmed up.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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