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Brand new long cranking time problem

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I just went to work today, and when i got in to start to go home, it hard a long start. 300rpms, just took a little longer also a slight loss of power after a 5 minute warm-up. I gave her benefit of the doubt and let it ride. When i made it home, truck fully warm, i shut her off, and tried to start again. Same abnormally long cranking time. Still starts perfectly, just longer cranking time. I have no clue what happened from this morning to this evening. Ive searched this problem and plenty of threads with no definite answers. Any ideas?

96 F350 7.3L 255000mi 4x4 Baby Swamps injectors, aFe intake, 4" exhaust
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Not too sure. How many miles on this oil change? With loss of power after warm up it could numerous things, maybe a sensor or boost leak or hpop issue or I don't know yet. Give it some time and see if it changes back as fast as it changed before. Keep an eye on mpg's and see what the next day or two will tell.
Oil change 3000mi ago. Nothing but Rotella T in her for whole life. Power came back after full warm. Ill be sure to keep this thread updated.
I also read something about the EOT sensor causing weird issues with engine temps. I'm doing more research for my truck and might see if it helps my issues.
Im not having any temp issues. But this long start is gonna bug me forever if i cant fix it
Sorry I didn't word that right. What I meant is that it does not read correctly and the correct engine temp is not being sent and therefore causes the power level issues at different temps. I may be wrong but what's that I understand.
After my last drive im gonna rule out low power as a symptom. Its just bitter cold where i am and i just need to give her time to warm up. But i see what you are saying, i have heard of that problem
Back to the extended cranking time. Do you think if air got in a line, it would cause this? Earlier my truck wasnt building oil pressure so it would crank without a start, so i topped her off with oil and started fine. Do you think the cranks with no oil there would force air into a line?
How much oil did you have to add?

My first thought with your initial problem was the HPOP reservoir not holding, and draining its oil back into the pan while parked.
I'm with Pogue and think HPOP sump isn't holding oil. Also with really cold temps the batteries are really stressed. The PCM needs to see ICP at 500# before allowing the engine to start. With the glowplugs running, super cold batteries, and cold oil you are straining your starting system while cranking. Best bet is to hook up a good heavy duty charger/jumper and try your cold start again. If the added power spins the truck faster and starts quicker then you are looking at new batteries (both) and possibly a new positive cable.
ive had full battery and rpms are around 275-350 during starting, so i dont think its the battery. i had to add 3 qts, right after she started. i had a few crank but no starts after i replace the cps and checked the fuel bowl and filter. so thats what leads me towards air in line. ill check the hpop this evening for sure
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