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Trying to install a cheap'o autozone brake controller in my early 99' F250. I was told there is a pre wired harness already under the dash and all I need was to buy the harness adapter kit and plug it right in.

The only two open plugs I see under the dash are a huge gray rectangle one and a smaller round one (pictures of both included). I also attached a pic of the controller's plug and what their "Ford adapter harness" converts it to. Anyone know what I'm missing or which plug is actually the "factory" plug for an aftermarket controller? Thanks

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It's back by the flasher relay with one of those plastic screw things that you just pry out. I couldn't find mine either I had to have the dude come out and show me. lol

If your looking from the seat forward it's going to be WAY over on the right.

I can take a pic if you need it.
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